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Teachers on the Move: PMSA Teacher Working for Student Success on the ACT

Though the school year is ending, the fantastic work of Proviso teachers goes on. Even over the summer teachers are building curriculum, building bridges, and creating and supporting programs that promote student success. One Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy English teacher has made it his mission to help students reach their college goals through ACT test prep.

Mr. Markus is the Cambridge ACT coordinator at PMSA. His specialty, as a former ACT tutor, is enriching and aligning curriculum with the ACT exam. He holds extra tutoring sessions for students, and he works to get them involved and ready for their next steps in academics.

“I’ve worked with ACT for about eight years,” he said. “I know that test backwards and forwards. So when I came to PMSA, I knew that would be a niche that I could help with.”

For PMSA, Mr. Markus has been at the helm of the popular free ACT tutoring program offered at PTHS district wide. Cambridge ACT Test prep is designed to help students build skills, raise college entrance test scores, and better grasp tested curriculum. Mr. Markus worked with Cambridge tutors to align materials with tested and taught curriculum. He also offered tutoring to students after school to help give them additional test-taking confidence. Mr. Markus was recently recognized at a PTHS 209 Board of Education meeting for his efforts to bolster the program and help the school include test prep in its overall curriculum. Many students say his help and enthusiasm really paid off.

“Mr. Markus helped to keep us on track,” said PMSA junior Tazjaye Carpenter. “He brought us pizza with his own money. He made sure we got there. It was so beneficial. When it was time for me to take the ACT exam, I felt more prepared for it. I learned great test taking strategies that worked. It was just what I needed to help me raise my score.”

Since PTHS 209’s Cambridge Test Prep Program began, many students boast of higher college entrance exam scores—a grand delight for one teacher who says he’s just happy to help.

“I’m always willing to help them as much as possible. The students are so responsive, and we can see a great return on our investment of time. They are wonderful. They are such a great group of kids—it makes the job a lot easier.”

Thank you Mr. Markus! You are a vital part of Proviso Rising.



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